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MYASP/MYOWNASP Connection Issues timer2019-12-02T18:54:12.5230978+00:00

At this time, DNS propagation seems to be taking place across the US and connections to the MYASP and MYOWNASP are now resolving as expected for users to be able to log in.

MYASP/MYOWNASP Connection Issues timer2019-12-02T18:14:19.1205585+00:00

At this time our engineering team has made changes to our DNS records within our MYASP and MYOWNASP gateway in order to help alleviate the known connection issues. Typically these changes take only a few hours to propagate, but they could take up to 24hrs to fully propagate across the US. We will continue to run checks and as soon as propagation appears to be taking place we will send further updates.

MYASP/MYOWNASP Connection Issues timer2019-12-02T17:05:08.6887959+00:00

This morning there have been widespread issues with some Internet Providers not being able to resolve the DNS of our MYASP gateway. Some users in the MYASP or MYOWNASP domains may not be able to connect to their servers due to these issues, but this is not currently effecting users within the SummitHosting domain. If you are receiving this message and currently have no issues with your connection, please disregard it. Our Engineering team is currently working with these providers to troubleshoot and resolve the issues as quickly as possible, but no official estimated time of resolution can be given at this time. Updates will be posted on this page as soon as they become available.